Respect and Reverence of the World

A great man is immortal for his outstanding ideology and undying exploits.

President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), eternal leader of the Korean people, authored the unique Juche idea that man is the master of everything and decides everything, that is, the masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and they have the strength with which to propel them, thus illuminating the road ahead of the Korean people and other progressive peoples across the world. As the Korean people was led by Kim Il Sung who firmly believed in them and gave free rein to their great strength, they could defeat the US, which had been boasting of being the “strongest” in the world, in the three-year Korean war, and build a socialist country, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence, on debris left by the war. Thanks to his politics of loving the people, universal free medical care and free compulsory education were enforced in the country and a people-centred socialist system was built, in which the people are the master of everything and everything serves them. The Juche idea he authored and the energetic external activities he conducted provided the progressive peoples of the world with guidelines for building a new, independent world.

For his outstanding ideology and immortal exploits, Kim Il Sung enjoyed boundless respect and reverence of the international community.

In the last days of his life Chairman Mao Zedong of China said that President Kim Il Sung was the one and only man who can guide the world revolution, sincerely requesting him to continue to guide the world revolution and international communist movement in the future, too. Cuban leader Fidel Castro said that Comrade Kim Il Sung was the most veteran and authoritative statesman among the heads of state in the world.Former US president Jimmy Carter said that President Kim Il Sung was greater than three American presidents who had represented the nation building and destiny of the United States–George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln–put together.

This happened when President Kim Il Sung visited Yugoslavia to attend the funeral of Josip Broz Tito in May 1980.

Over 40 heads of state and government, over 200 delegations and delegates and political, social figures and other personages from different countries visited this country to attend Tito’s funeral. At that time, the French newspaper Le Monde wrote as follows, “It is noteworthy that President Kim Il Sung, who is a staunch champion of the non-aligned movement, is attending the funeral.” And the American newspaper New York Times carried a photo of President Kim Il Sung on the front page when covering the news of arrival by heads of state at Yugoslavia.

The Yugoslavian leaders ensured that President Kim Il Sung took his place at the centre of the leaders of other countries, and that he sat on a chair at the centre of the first row while other heads of state stood on the stairs. On hearing the news, a Japanese journalist said, “President Kim IlSung’s visit to Yugoslavia caused a world-wide sensation. It is a great, marvelous event, indeed. Kim Il Sung is a great man and a pride of Asia.”

The then executive secretary of Presidium of the Central Committee of Yugoslav League of Communists said, “I was greatly surprised to see many heads of state standing in a row to meet President Kim Il Sung. Though heads of big countries stood near him, several heads of state were not interested in them but approached him to see him. Witnessing this scene, I keenly realized that President Kim Il Sung is a great leader who is enjoying boundless respect and reverence of humanity.”

Non-aligned Movement–Powerful Motive Force for Global Independence

As an important component of the world anti-imperialist and independent forces, the non-aligned movement serves as a powerful motive force in the struggle for global independence.

Through history, the non-aligned movement has fulfilled its duty as a powerful motive force for global independence in the progressive people’s struggle for independence, peace and progress from the first period of its development up to now.

The non-aligned movement serves a powerful motive force in the struggle for global independence because it has been expanded and strengthened its ranks constantly with developing countries and progressive countries aspiring after anti-imperialism and independence in the whole period of its historical development. Unlike the first period of its formation, it has become the most wide-ranging international movement covering many population and over 120 countries in the 5 continents of the world.

It is also because it has made active efforts to repulse the imperialist aggression and intervention and settle all problems arising in the international arena in keeping with demand and interests of the progressive people, with anti-imperialism and independence as its basic ideal and banner.

Balance of forces between the progressive and the reactionary has been changed remarkably and the global independence process promoted dynamically by the definite position and positive role of the non-aligned movement as a powerful motive force for global independence.

In the present century, too, the non-aligned movement becomes the progressive movement that opposes all sorts of domination and subordination and aspires after independence, the strong revolutionary force of the present era that confronts with imperialism and the powerful force for global independence.

Today the non-aligned movement holds full-fledged position in the international arena and its role is being enhanced as the days go by.

Clear Demonstration of Will for Physical Response

Entering this year the US and its vassal forces have staged five dangerous war games including a joint air drill and US-south Korea joint military exercise in a row. To cope with their war moves that have reached the critical point, the DPRK conducted a firing drill of ICBM Hwasongpho-17 on March 16.

The ICBM climbed up to the highest altitude of 6 045km and flew a distance of 1 000. 2km for 4 151 seconds before landing on the target area in the open waters of the East Sea of Korea.

On the 18th and 19th the country conducted its tactical nuclear operation units’combined tactical drill simulating nuclear counterattack. The launched tactical ballistic missile exploded accurately at the height of 800m above the target area on the East Sea of Korea, set in its 800km strike range.

The drills were aimed at sending the enemy a stronger warning and bringing home to them the concern over an armed conflict which became a threatening reality. And they clearly demonstrated the country’s tough will for physical response.


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